San Diego Wetsuits

Mission Surf has the best wetsuit selection in San Diego. No matter the season, we have the right wetsuit for every surfer.

Come June and July, the water starts warming up here in San Diego and there are two, maybe three months when the water is warm enough so that you can forgo donning the wetsuit and get a tan while you surf.

The rest of the year, however, you are going to want a comfortable wetsuit to keep you warm so you can stay out in the water longer and catch more waves.

At Mission Surf surf shop we know wetsuits. We are wearing them most months of the year for different water temperatures and we know exactly what you’ll need. We carry all the best performing and most comfortable wetsuits.

Come down to the shop in Pacific Beach and we’ll help you pick out the perfect wetsuit.

Patagonia wetsuits are one of our favorite brands. They are incredibly warm, bulletproof and functional wetsuits.